Marketing Collateral

Inspire audiences with informative, experiential printed material. Successful marketers use a combination of print and digital strategy to create dynamic, engaging campaigns.


Signage | Print

Signage can generate buzz and enhance experience with its audiences. Reinforce brand position by injecting your brand's personality into temporary or permanent spaces.


Web | Interactive

Digital media that won't leaving visitors hitting the back button! Attention-grabbing graphics that resonate with audiences and help convey your ideas and services across multiple channels.

Design | Layout

Good design is a balancing act. Layouts should be visually pleasing while also communicating information to your audience.The best marketing and communication materials, whether print or web, deliver key messages clearly and effectively.

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About | Patricia Rye

Ask anyone who has known Patricia more than three minutes where her passion lies and they'll tell you—this woman loves to receive and deliver a great story!  Yes, in the 80's this penchant for story had her labelled a “chatter-box” in class, but it has since proven a powerful trait—take that, Mrs. Dawson.

Patricia brings her love of storytelling into every projects she participates in—empowering clients to paint an exciting and interesting picture of their products and services for their target audience.

When she's not sharing her clients' stories—or telling another one of her own—her work brings her to SAIT Polytechnic where she moonlights as a visual communications instructor, working with professionals to help them discover the impact and power of their own voices in visual communications.


How can we help?

Patricia works alongside a team of design, marketing, communications and web professionals—operating under the un-agency umbrella—a model built on mutual benefit for the client and the creative professional. Get in touch and discover what we can do for you.